Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
CVL Frosted Suri, Mini Male Paint 1 yr Sold
FRH Bad Moon Rising Medium Wool Male Black/White Under 1 yr Sold
FRH Dark Side of the Moon Heavy Wool, Argentine, Lanuda Male Appaloosa 3 yrs Sold
FRH O, Romeo Romeo! Argentine, Medium Wool Male Black/White 2 yrs Sold
FRH Silver Legacy Suri Male Rose Gray/White 2 yrs Sold
FRH Smoke 'N Mirrors Heavy Wool, Argentine Male Fawn 2 yrs Sold
Pinta Chica's Belante ABSR Argentine, Chilean, Heavy Wool Male Light Silver Gray 1 yr Sold
Renegade RTC Suri, Argentine Male White/Black/Brown 2 yrs $1,000


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Evening Elegance Heavy Wool Female White/Brown 1 yr Not for Sale
FRH Mizznottalottadotts  Medium Wool Female Beige 9 yrs Not for Sale
Lady Melania ABSR Argentine, Heavy Wool, Lanuda Female Beige/Dark Brown/Gray 2 yrs $2,500
Lil' Miss Priss Lanuda Female Gray/White 2 yrs $1,200
MBL Rumchata Suri Female White 5 yrs $3,000
MSF Steffi Lanuda, Medium Wool, Chilean Female Black 5 yrs Sold
Naughty Marietta Heavy Wool, Argentine Female True Black 2 yrs Not for Sale
Stage Stop Sistah Medium Wool Female White/Black 6 yrs Not for Sale
Stage Stop Swing Time Medium Wool Female Medium Rose Gray 6 yrs $2,000