Sold Llamas


Gorgeous Fiber!
Heavy Wool, Argentine, LanudaMaleAppaloosa | ILR# 3 yrs

This guy is amazing! Not only is he sporting an incredible array of bloodlines, from Argentine Kobra to Hard Rock's Gaston, but he comes from a dam line that goes back seven generations of appaloosas...

Argentine, Medium WoolMaleBlack/White | ILR# Pending2 yrs

Romeo is a beautiful Argentine Kobra grandson with soft, flowing fleece and a wonderful laid-back disposition. He is currently being started on Performance training and will also be used for therapy/...

Beautiful Fiber!
SuriMaleRose Gray/White | ILR# Pending2 yrs

What a cool young male Legacy has turned out to be! He is covered from head to toe in some of the finest, silkiest fiber you've ever felt, not to mention his blanket is a gorgeous rose gray! If you ...

Great Temperament
Heavy Wool, ArgentineMaleFawn | ILR# 2 yrs

This young gelding has a lot of potential. He is currently in training to be a PR/therapy llama, but he could easily be your next show gelding, hiking companion, or fiber producer! His sire and dam ...