Foundation Llamas - Females


Heavy WoolFemaleWhite/BrownUnder 1 yr

Not for Sale
Gives Kisses on Command!
Medium WoolFemaleBeige | ILR# 2817889 yrs

Where to start with this girl? Missy is a fourth generation bred and owned girl from a dam line that produces beautiful appaloosa coloration. Her dam, Mizzlottadotts, was Reserve Grand Champion at 5...

Not for Sale
Miniature Beauty!
LanudaFemaleGray/White | ILR# 2905521 yr

Priss is a true miniature llama! With her excellent proportions and solid conformation, she could be the cornerstone for a mini llama breeding program. This girl also has some of the finest, silki...

Not for Sale
3/4 Argentine
Heavy Wool, ArgentineFemaleTrue Black2 yrs

Talk about fine, lustrous fiber! Mary is covered from head to toe in the silkiest, true black fiber you've ever felt. And her totally laid-back, sweet disposition just makes cuddling her all the mor...

Not for Sale
Medium WoolFemaleWhite/Black | ILR# 2849715 yrs

Talk about a fabulous PR llama! Sistah is incredibly huggable and laid back, and she's passed that on to her first cria, Romeo, along with her stylish black and white coloration. This girl's pedigre...

Not for Sale