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Friday, October 25, 2013

Love at first sight!

We found a farm only 4 ½ hours away that has 140 suri alpacas. I could hardly wait to make the trip. We contacted the owners, took vacation and away we went. The Hasselbring’s Harmony Ranch is owned by Britt and Patty Hasselbring. They honestly have to be one of the nicest, most hospitable couples we have ever meet.

When we arrived, we were met at the door by Patty and were promptly invited in which surprised both Terry and I. We expected all our conversation and
time would be spent in the pasture with the beautiful alpacas that caught our eye well before we ever made the trip.

Instead Patty and Britt welcomed us into their home. They took the time to listen to us talk about what we were looking for and what we wanted to
accomplish with our farm, shared some hard earned wisdom and then took us on a tour of the ranch.

Almost immediately, I fell in love with the little girl above. Festiva quickly became my favorite and I knew we had to have her. She followed me around and nibbled at my
fingers while we were in the pasture with the Moms and new crias.

As we continued on our tour, I kept notes on my phone of the alpacas that caught my eye and ones I knew I would want to have as our own.

Once we finished the tour, back to the house we went and discussed our next steps. Patty and Britt promised to send us several options at different price points so we could make a decision based on what we felt we needed to start our new business.

It was a great day and one of the most relaxing we had spent in months if not years. We had no idea until we left that we had
spent 4 hours at the Ranch.

Thank you Patty, Britt and all the beauties living on the Hasselbring’s Harmony Ranch. You made my day.