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Monday, November 18, 2013

Festiva Antics

Well, Festiva has been at it. Apparently she is the adventurous type. She has learned to use the dog holes in the fence to get between pastures. She must really want to see what is the other side to crawl through the small hole below.

Gotta love that girl!!!
Hope the others aren’t able to sense she is my favorite. I wouldn’t want to cause them to quit humming. ??

Big Plunge
We’ve done our homework. We found our beauties. It’s official! We are taking the plunge! The Hasselbring’s are parting with eight of their girls, four of whom are pregnant so that we can start our farm with truly quality alpacas.

Of course, the lineup includes Festiva which was always a given, Dyani, Kateri, Lisa Lou, Chinaa, Tomasita, Vashti, and Lisa Marie. So excited! And yet so nervous! Glad we have great mentors like Patty and Britt to help us navigate during our learning curve.

Land – does anyone have land they are willing to part with? Anyone? Anyone?