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What I learned my first week as an alpaca farmer

1.  A catch pen - Do not be deceived by the name.  They may go in but it does  not mean you can actually catch the wily alpaca.

2.  Poop - Cleaning poop out of Bermuda grass is like trying to brush gum out of curly hair.

3.  It is fun to lay around the poop pile and watch the human work.  It is a favorite morning past time for alpaca.

4.  Horses - We do not like them but we are learning to live with them.

5.  Alpaca are like gremlins.  You should never feed them late even on special occasions.  It is not pretty.  The dogs drug their food bowls out of the barn, the alpaca fought over food and the barn cat was yowling like there would be no tomorrow!

6.  Halters - They are not just for alpaca.  The pups love to take halters out into the pastures at every opportunity.

You might be an alpaca farmer if:

  • You worry about every sneeze, noise and alpaca and/or pup that seems to have laid in one spot too long.
  • You are obsessed with poop.
  • You get up during the night to make sure everyone is ok.
  • You get up at 4:00 a.m. if the pups start to bark.
  • You no longer have your eye on the matching diamond wedding band but instead want the great poop vacuum you found online.
  • You are exhausted at the end of the day but love every minute of it!

Updated January 27, 2016